Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Eagle Has Landed

I know. I'm being slack again. This time I have a good excuse. It's just been simply crazy making the move to Philly - (and staying sane). First impressions of Philly are positive. My nocturnal exploring has been fruitful and I have found a few dives which I like. Thus ends the first and most important part of my MBA experience. Lower down on the priority list, has been furnishing my apartment. Last week I almost broke down and cried like a little baby after being overwelmed with the plethora of colors, styles, patterns, and designs. Then for each of these laid the various projects: bedroom, living room, kitchen. I HATE SHOPPING.

It was on the verge of color-cordination overload that I realized the luxuries I have left behind. Usually, when I move, I always left the interior decor to either the female in my life at the time, or delegate to a team of eager female engineers, who all relished the challenge of spending someone else's money - even if for no personal gain. (Have scientists isolated this gene in females yet?)

Anyway, this whole shopping for furniture thing has totally fried my brain and has rendered me useless for my Calculus pre-test in two weeks. However, while strolling through K-mart, Marta Stewart came to the rescue like an angel from the fashion-challenges gods. And in one swipe of a credit card, I was transformed into a young hip dude with exquisite taste. Thank you Martha Stewart for your color coordinated treats, your tasteful linens and bathroom accessories. You are a darling to bachelors everywhere.

As is typical with the karmic irony of life, with every blessing comes a curse. Here goes: What the ^&*% is up with best buy?!?! I went to two different branches to shop for electronics for the crib. 95% of the items I requested were not in stock. Which leads me to ask - If you are all out...why the *(^* do you have these items displayed if you have none there??? Why do you have this massive 10,000 sq ft store when you are going to tell me to order it on the website for delivery 2 week later? Ditto with the furniture stores. If anyone out there plans to go into retail here is the forula based of best practices from my experiences thus far:

1. Go to Amazon.com and order one of everything
2. Lease a building 2 miles outside of the city near the post and display these items with half the sales force that you estimate
3. If someone is crazy enough to actually purchase anything - refer them to your website or amazon.com
4. If the customer does not seem enthusiastic, refer the customer to WalMart and inform them that they have cheaper stuff with the same performance and specifications.

Sorry of the rant. But it's a necessary evil for the sake of dealing with culture shock. Apart from my woes with furnishing the crib, I have been giving serious thoughs about my blogging future. While I enjoy blogging, and have met many interesting people both online and in real life, I am still ambivalent about whether I will in fact continue. Still thinking....

Anyway, since I am still contemplating a new direction for myself, and am still without cable, internet etc for the next week - I would appreciate any suggestions on good books worth reading. That is, anything but Harry Potter! - (note to FutureMBAGirl - :)) On the movie end of things, I was able to check out the Wedding Crashers. I have not laughed that hard since There's Something about Mary. Definitely worth the 6 bucks and candied sugary goodies.