Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sex, Sex, and more SEX

Let me apologize in advance. This body of this entry is far tamer than the title suggests. Call this my first experiment in Marketing. After composing this entry, I could not resist seeing if I could break my 'hit' record. Thus far, my most popular entries have been the Wharton admit & Sloan admit posts, the Wharton Interview & Sloan Interview posts, and the bskewl vs aregon/east coast vs west coast post. Many apologies in advance, and back to the regularly scheduled entry.

For some reason, this week I realized that sex is all around us, and is now a part and parcel of the Global Village 2000 & Beyond. This all started with the insistence of my current "on-again-off-again", that we watch the ABC TV hit - Desperate Housewives on DVD. After a few days of pressure, and faced with either Desperate Housewives or staring mindlessly at Charmed, I finally rescinded. So started yet another habit. I guess that the new Dallas/Dynasty addiction is born, and, if the first season was so fiery, then I am curious to see how subsequent seasons will unfold. Sex and the City was understandable, after all, it's on HBO - home to favorites such as Oz, Sopranos, etc. However, I was surprised that there wasn't much hoopla about Desperate Housewives for several reasons:

1. The title - I initially thought this was porn when I first heard the name.
2. The affair between Gabrielle - played by Eva Longaris, and her 17 year old boy-toy/gardener (imagine the disgust if the genders were reversed but that's another story).
3. The number of flippant crimes in one street in one suburb - 1 x arson; 2 x murders; 1 x embezzlement; 1 x statutory rape; 1 x aiding and abetting; 1 x prostitution & solicitation etc etc.
4. All of the all of the sex, sex, and SEX on primetime TV

Perhaps the US viewing public ARE becoming more tolerant and open-minded. Perhaps American TV will soon catch up to that of the French. Perhaps we are at the dawn of yet another Age of Aquarius, and the groovy swinging 70s are back! - (Yeah Baby!). Much like the rest of America, Desperate Housewives fast became my guilty pleasure. I am thoroughly ashamed to say, much to my gf's delight, that after 1 week, I have finished the entire 1st season DVD. Of course, I must chime in with my personal vote for my most favorite housewife, who is none other than Nicolette Sheridan. I remembered her from my puberty induced day-dreaming when she was a villainess on Knots Landing. Fast forward 15 years later and still the hard wiring still remains in tact. (Oh the perils of the male adolescent mind).

This whole brain dump was inspired quite innocently. After a hiatus of a few weeks, I decided to comb through the Businessweek MBA Forum to see what's been going on. By far the thread of the week is Where would Jesus go for an MBA? Apart from the humor of it all, threads like these remind me that despite the 700+ GMAT, reporting to the CEO of XYZ corp in High School, and Stellar recs from the past four Presidents, people are human, and are still need doses of mind-crack be it playststion or incoherent grass-inspired philosophy.

From the link, of a link, of a link, I stumbled upon these two threads: Hottest Chicks and Where are the Hot Guys? Funny stuff, and I suppose, useful intelligence. Undergrads seemed to be quite popular from both genders, but I lost interest after the third page of the posts. Perhaps there are more treasures within. Apparently the ladies aren't feeling most of the 'Top 10' MBA Guys. Harvard, Wharton and Sloan guys included. Ahh the age of all the sex, sex, and more SEX, here's to 2 years of celibacy..... :-)